Fart Queen

Own a unique virtual fart jar from Dominatrix/ProDomme and Fartpreneur, Krista Gable. Also get exclusive access to Krista's private metaverse fart room.

NFT Fart Jars will also unlock a private virtual fart room in the metaverse where the user can go to watch exclusive Fart Queen videos from Krista.

Krista's Private Metaverse Room

Our Roadmap

Each Fart Queen NFT already unlocks a metaverse fart room that allows you to privately watch an exclusive library of Krista's fart videos. You can also play fart video games in the Fartcade. No download or VR device needed, works directly on any PC browser or phone . Soon, we plan to expand this virtual fart room to include:

* An avatar of Krista that will fart for you on demand.
* A virtual version of your fart jar for you to open.
* A "Quad Fart" - A rare, symphonic blast of 4 farts in a row produced by Krista.
* A "Pull My Finger" feature.
* A "Dutch Oven" experience - You get into bed with Krista's avatar. She slowly pulls the blanket over both of you, and then...she lets out a fart.

All current Fart Queen NFT holders will automatically have access to all of these new features at no additional cost.

Sample NFT Fart Jars

Meet The Fart Queen

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A percentage of the earnings from the sale of FartQueen.com NFTs will be donated to Patchadams.org.

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